7th Grade Reading Class

Students in Mrs. Goshe's 7th grade reading classes are studying the story of Cinderella and the worldwide versions of this folktale. Over the next several weeks, students will analyze the German, Chinese, and modern versions of Cinderella as they compare and contrast the elements of the text with the elements of the film version. Students will choose which text and film versions they wish to compare and contrast as they work to craft an online essay about their chosen Cinderella stories. Over the course of this unit, students will have access to more than 50 different versions of the Cinderella folktale, including those based on Native American, Egyptian, Mexican, and African traditions.
A special thank you to the Tiffin City Schools libraries, Tiffin Seneca Public Library, and Fostoria's Kaubisch Memorial Public Library for assistance in obtaining the many Cinderella fairy tales displayed in our classroom!