Zulama Class Creates Game

Zulama, The Evolution of Games

This course is an inquiry of games from ancient civilizations until present day. The curriculum weaves the games and where they originated together so students can have a taste of what daily life was like back in time. Additionally, we discuss the cultures of the lands, geographic locations, and customs and practices.

It feels more like a history course and was created to be taught that way. However, the course is so much more. We create prototypes of the games and play them. We learn to modify to deliver different outcomes too. Students get the connection of why the games may have been developed during the era and it’s usually because of the traditions and the way of life at the time. For example, during the Viking Age, a group of Scandinavian warriors played a game called Hnwfatafl (neffa-taffle) or also known as King’s Table. Students learned that the game is a game of strategy. The object is to save the King.

We balance lessons on history, mathematics, engineering, science, technology, and art. We conduct research by using structured web quests, design games, and play the games that we create. We also have learned about working on a team and the importance of collaboration, compromise, time management, having discussion about creativity, and problem solving.

Today, we are working on a project that will involve the creation of a game, a marketing strategy, creating a script for a commercial, and making a commercial.