TMS Stem Class @ TU Science Lab

The TMS 8th grade STEM students had the opportunity to travel to Tiffin University to participate in a science lab with professor Dr. Mark Sabo and TU students on October 31.  The visit began with a tour of the academic buildings on campus, an admissions presentation, as well as lunch in the Gillmor Student Center.  Next, students trekked to the science building to participate in the study of chemical reactions found during Halloween.  Fire breathing pumpkins, bubbling potions, broken glow sticks and a few small explosions later, students were able to gather and analyze data.  Students used qualitative and quantitative observations in order to understand different characteristics of chemical reactions.  We would like to thank Dr. Sabo and the TU student assistants that made us feel so welcome.  We appreciate all the hard work and time it took to make our visit one that we will not soon forget!