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Zulama Class Creates Game

Check out the generation of our new game -> NEWS & EVENTS -> VIDEOS

Aden Baines-O'Hagen and Ivy Morlock are in the back of the room. The other students include Josephine Mangus, Brooklyn Ranieri, MaKaylee Kidwell, Miranda Fisher, Gracie Chester, Faith Egbert, and Cole Routzahn.
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8th Grade STEM Class

8th grade STEM class traveled to Honey Creek on September 20th with the goal of determining the water quality based on the macro-invertebrates they collected. Students complied data that will be sent into the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Thank you to Linda Rose for guiding us on our visit! We are opening the eyes of our students to STEM at TMS!
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Congrats TMS Bucks Winners!

Week of September 18th 
6th Grade: Deanna Brockington, Carlea Adams
7th: Kaden Obringer, Caden Chaffin
8th: Autumn Fitch, Angel Smith
Week of September 24th
6th: Maddisyn Hoffer, Brock Bryant
7th: Damien McQuiston, Amber Fogle
8th: Luke Crooks, Delaney Powers

Week of October 8th
6th: Elle Wagner, Jayden Warnick
7th: Jack Pierce, David Alvarodo
8th: Alexis Caldwell, Ivy Morlock
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Forensic Science at TMS

TMS students collected qualitative and quantitative observations based on a crime scene. The students had to create a scenario of what happened based on their observations and collaboration with other students. We also included discussion of forensic sciences and its relationship to STEM and observations. Next month we will be having a professor from TU come visit our class to talk to the students about Forensic Sciences.
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Here is a STEM project related to the introduction to the Engineering Design Process.
The objective was for students to create their own tool to move plastic cups into 10 different formations. The students analyzed and improved their designed as well as collected data to determine if their tool was effective or ineffective in completing the task.
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TMS Students Learn about Survival

Integrated 7 students just finished reading the incredible book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park.  To give students a more realistic idea of what it would be like to fetch water each day for survival, Mrs. Conner and Mrs. Dendinger took their class to the Sandusky River and hosted a relay challenge.  While the characters in the book carry water for miles at a time, students had the unique opportunity to appreciate how heavy water is after carrying it for a few hundred yards.  We are very grateful to Mr. Joe Moore for helping with the planning and implementation of this project as well as our volunteers from the Rotary Club, and Paula Zirm.
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