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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at TMS

The curriculum in 8th grade STEM class is driven by the Engineering Design Process.  Project-Based Learning will focus the students to identify and ask questions, brainstorm ideas in order to solve them, design, build, evaluate plus communicate their results in relationship to scientific topics.  They will accomplish their tasks through redesign and teamwork.  In addition, students will experience guest speakers into our classroom that will relate their occupation to STEM.  Another goal for this is class is to give the students an opportunity to explore the world of STEM outside of the classroom.  
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Thank you Linda Rose from the Seneca County Park District for coming into our classroom and speaking about water quality in relationship to macro-invertebrates. Students followed up by taking a trip to Honey Creek at Forest Nature Preserve to determine the water quality.  
Students had the opportunity to observe a crime scene in order to gather qualitative and quantitative data.  Using the data they collected, they also had to develop a story in order to explain the crime that took place.