English 8 (Periods 3,6,8)

Homework:  January 21-24, 2020
Tuesday, January 21 .                  Paragraph Four:  Goals essay (Path- see Google Classrooms)
Wednesday, January 22                   Paragraph Five:  Goals essay (Conclusion- see Google                                                                         Classrooms)
                                                   I.  Introduction with a quote on setting goals
                                                  II.  Situation-  How did you do last semester?  
                                                III.   Target-  Where would you like to be at the end of the year?
                                                 IV.   Path-  How will you get from where you were last semester to where                                                         you want to be at the end of the year?
                                                 V.  Conclusion-  How will achieving this goal help you as you make your                                                          way to Columbian High School next year?
"Teens' Social Media Habits and Experiences" article:  
Thursday, January 23              Read Works
Friday, January 24                  No homework
Homework for the week
January 13-17, 2020
Monday:          The two paragraphs for the goals essay should be turned in to Google Classroom.  If you turned them in last                                   week, you don't have to worry about it!
Tuesday:         The third paragraph of the essay is due.  Check Google Classroom.
Wednesday:    Complete the notes over the Pew Research Article 
Thursday:         Teen Tribune due tomorrow!
Friday:            no homework