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Please follow our Youtube channel to view daily announcements.
TMS Studio Crew Sign Up
Please click the link below and complete the form to be considered. Read the job descriptions in the next section. No prior experience is necessary. You will learn the tasks on the job. Know your first period teacher and his/her room number before you begin.
Need help signing up? Please see Mrs. Ott in room 105.

Studio Crew Job Descriptions
  • Meet in studio 4th period on blue days
  • Edit morning announcement presentations
  • Create presentations for special events
Video Crew:
  • Meet in studio 7:45am - 8:00am each morning
  • May meet during some study hall times to record and edit videos
  • Operate cameras
  • Operate transitions board
  • Operate sound board
  • Record and conduct interviews
News Anchors:
  • Meet in studio 7:45am - 8:00am each morning
  • Read morning announcements
  • Must come early to rehearse
  • Check in with your first period teacher before heading to the studio
  • Leave backpacks and books in first period room
  • Please arrive at the studio by 7:45 am
  • Wear school appropriate clothing
  • Practice reading announcements out loud and ask for help
  • Practice using the equipment before the first bell
  • Help each other learn new jobs
  • Be flexible
News Room Vocabulary
Term Definition
anchor someone who presents the news
transitions portions of scenes are combined as the video moves from one scene to the next
audio sound
blackout make the room dark by turning off all lights
set the filming location